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The word is chock-full of opinionated earthlings, and here’s what they think of ZEEB?

 Our favourite bits…

“Sexually inert bed-wetters make music like this”.
Jerkstore zine


“Too eclectic to pigeon-hole, or enjoy.”
Bald Cactus zine

“I’m sure between writing songs about perspiring erogenous zones and rapping about frankly unlikely hospital practices Zeeb are the nicest guys”
Drowned In Sound


“…comparative to the Dead Kennedys covering Busted… eleven tracks that simply aren’t worth listening to…
Messa Music


“I’m sick of shit bands wasting my fucking time with their shit fucking songs.”
A Short Fanzine About Rocking 

The other bits…


And yet more things to make our earth-mothers proud…

Welcome , today is Tuesday, July 25, 2017