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Get Ready To Rock ***

It’s amazing what lands on your desk when you’re a getreadytorock reviewer. With a growing indie scene there’s a more diverse pile every week and Zeeb fall squarely at one end of the spectrum.

But that spectrum may well be three dimensional, or quite possibly in a parallel three-dimensional universe. Song titles such as Galactic Sulk, Interstella Layby, Abduction Amnesia and Mothership Earth are the giveaway.

Zeeb are three aliens – Delta (drums/vox), Omega (guitar/vox) and Gamma (bass/vox) whose aim is to take over the earth with their bizarre brand of rock, anal probes and nakedness. Cripes.

Scarey stuff and a sonic screwdriver may be inadequate protection. But as someone who survived the sonic assault of the Hawklords, let me tell you, there may be adolescents out there who could be assimilated by Zeeb’s brand of space riffs, thrash and Dik Mik-like sonic meanderings.

No two ways Jim, this ain’t rock as we know it. But with a decent light show and plenty of mind altering drugs Zeeb could well assimilate the nation’s youth. Surprisingly entertaining. Phasers on stun.



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