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Just Say No To Government Music 9/10


This arrived courtesy of Andrew at Corndog and it is certainly an interesting one. I think they are a 3 piece and may come from Shropshite but actually its more like Suffolk. Track 1 ‘Lunchix Asylum’ reminds me of the cast of ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ playing quirky indie rock. The band wear masks, and have a ‘weird’ thing going on – a bit Kiss meets Sigue Sigue Sputnik in appearance. ‘Galactic Sulk’ reminds me very much of the song ‘Spaceman’ (for more reason than one) that topped the charts in the early 90’s, sung by the guy who used to be in The Sandkings, were they called Babylon Zoo or something ? Well I am upto track 4 now, which is quite bassy and about Elvis landing as an alien or something – this sounds like a tamer Z/28 – track 3 was a meeting with some ‘higher orderer’ / God entitled ‘I Have the Power’ which was quite entertaining too. ZEEB amoeba is wacky as hell, fake American accents and freestyling in an inter-galactic way ~ very different. There isn’t a weak track on this – I am gonna take this out and listen to it in my car right now. Quality (9/10)


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