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Metal 4 Life 3.5/ 5

Published 19/05/06

Now I’m no expert on the alien invasion (or so the voices tell me) but I’m relatively convinced that had they landed in Shropshire in 1864 and been responsible for every advance mankind has made over the last 142 years, then they would not have ended up forming a mad bastard, scuzzy, scratchy punkish metal band. They would have formed Kiss. (Shit, I promised not to tell).

But as we’ve already established I’m no alien expert (which is not to say I’m not an expert alien) and inbetween some generic indie rock (hello “I Have the Power”) there are enough clinically insane moments (hello spacerock / beatbox hybrid “Zeeb Amoeba”) to make the subliminal messages bearable.

On the upside we have “Galactic Sulk”, the lament that is “Intastella Layby”, “Abduction Amnesia” and, best of all, “Mothership Earth”. I think Delta, Omega and Gamma should take a long hard look at themselves (easy when your eyes are on extendable stalks) and work out who the human interloper is, for he’s dragging you down.

:twisted :twisted :twisted


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