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Apparently, Zeeb landed in Shropshire in 1864 & have spent the last 42 years hiding. From whom, or what, the press release fails to mention, but one thing is for certain: Zeeb are one intergalactic sun shield short of a space-worthy craft.

Obsessions with girls, anal probes & ‘dressing like twats’ inform their popular shaped space rock attack. Like The Residents gone stoner, Zeeb are quite literally out their on their own: titles like “Lunchix Asylum”, “Galactic Sulk”, “Interstella Layby” & closer, “Mothership Earth”, leave you in no doubt that Zeeb’s political agenda is not going to get in the way of a good joke (i.e. – “ZEEB Ameoba”).

Possibly the end result of a weird genetic experiment involving Zodiac Mindwarp, his Love Reaction & Hawkwind, Zeeb are here to confound, amuse & entertain – they might have their tongues in their cheeks – but at least they haven’t got their heads up their arses!


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