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Metal4Life (3.5 out of 5.0)

This is certainly unique – Zeeb’s 2nd release comes with an accompanying comic book, which portrays the musical concept – it’s about planets and aliens and stuff, perhaps only the band know what they’re on about – in a visual form.

It’s unfortunate that music and comic books don’t go side-by-side more often. Imagine Dennis The Menace releasing a deathcore album documenting the mischief he gets up to, or even a punk rock release, detailing Spiderman’s struggles with society.

It comes as some surprise that Zeeb’s album is actually extremely focussed, employing a punk rock sound that relies heavily on the guitar leadership of Omega and the pumping bass noise of Gamma (like I said, only they know what they’re on about!). There are definite homages to The Clash and The Ramones and rightly so, but the atmospherics provided by some dark yet pacey guitar work give Zeeb the right to call themselves unique both in conceptual and musical contexts.

The major downfall is that the release is only 5 tracks long – two of which are instrumentals, which are fantastic but feel slightly unnecessary and as though they were included to hold the album together. Don’t let this put you off though, Zeeb are bursting with ideas – so much so, in fact, that they will take advantage of any possible medium to get these ideas across.

:twisted :twisted :twisted ½ out of 5


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