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Blue Light District

Found – 26/03/08
Where –

…Gargantuan Rock Monster is the 3rd outing from the (apparently) space-age trio ZEEB? Our alien-amigos seem to have attempted a change of pace this time around; earlier records MockCockSpockShockRock and The Battle for ZEEB? Beta dealt with a very “War of the Worlds” concept-narrative about body-snatching, she-bots, Lunachix, and other factual alien-occurrences; but …Gargantuan Rock Monster sounds like a regular album based around violently grumpy/seedy songs and huge thrashing riffs. It would in fact be tempting to say ZEEB? had matured if half the album wasn’t about sex (unless that’s their new concept).


While I did prefer the sci-fi fun of their first two albums to the sexuality of this, there’s no denying that their song writing and dynamics have improved considerably. The album starts with a buzz as “Chainsaw Lurve” kicks-in with a blasting riff, a whip-lash beat and a ton of attitude. Elsewhere there’s a wealth of melodies and hooks that lacked somewhat on the previous records, making for a significantly more memorable set of songs.


Being something of a prude I found lyrics like “She’s got a hairy ass and sweaty gash” putting me off my fried eggs at breakfast, but your mileage probably varies. ZEEB? have undeniably gained in confidence and this self-assurance comes across in songs like “Drinkin’ Gasoline” which has a sort of calmer Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster/Jon Spencer swagger to it, while the melodies in “Da Hairy Bomb” recall a punkier Queens of the Stone Age. Best of all is the genuinely emotive “Sex + Supernova” which is carried by some striking guitar work, and a surprisingly earnest vocal performance.


ZEEB? have certainly found their strength as a hard-rock group, and in this reviewer’s opinion if they were to mix the power of their new-found song-writing skills with the wonderfully imaginative sci-fi concepts they’ve already shown a flair for, they’d be well on their way up the road to prominence. Another good outing from Corndog Records.

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