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Last Hours

Found – 05/03/08
Where –

I had heard of these guys but never heard them until I got this CD. It’s sleazy garage rock’n’roll type stuff, and it’s not entirely my cup of tea but I quite like parts of it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and some of the lyrics are incredibly amusing. Take track two ‘Da Hairy Bomb’, whose subject matter disturbed me so much I don’t think I can even repeat it, but it was brilliant. With baptism by fire like that to Zeeb? i don’t think anything else about the band could surprise me, and after that the listener can just settle down with the rest of the album.

They are definitely quite weird but it works, so if “a straight ahead full fucking tilt fucking album of punk fucking rock and fucking roll” is something you like the sound of, maybe you should get amongst it.

Reviewed by Jas

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