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Found – 13/04/08
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Reviewed by AmyR | 23/03/2008 – 9:46PM


Whilst this is straight up punk rock, Zeeb fail to gain any momentum throughout what is their second album. Though they are not doing anything that hasn’t been done before, they admittedly do it well. This is despite a lack of imaginative titles, examples being ‘Drinkin’ ‘Gasoline’ and ‘Chainsaw Lurve’ which continue their testosterone fuelled barrage of meager lyrics that follow every stereotype of this genre. 

They focus on a low-fi sound that though deliberate, is comparative to the Dead Kennedys covering Busted in terms of a genuine mood-set for the album. Whilst the music produced is far from ‘gargantuan rock’, it is most certainly a monstrous album leaving me to question who would allow a follow up to a presumably equally dissatisfying debut. 

However, there are a few highlights that would take pride of place on a much shorter CD. ‘Sex + Supernova’ is probably the best of their efforts, due to it’s grinding bass line, successful song formula and duel vocal choruses. It seemed that just over half way through the album, Zeeb themselves realized they were not cut out for true punk rock and instead opted in ‘Angel Grinder’ to experiment with an undeniably indie influenced introduction ala The Futureheads. 

Their use of simple overused chords and cliché lyrics fuse together to make eleven tracks that simply aren’t worth listening to. Unless of course you enjoy the sound of three middle-aged men attempting to live out the dreams they shared when they were seventeen.

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