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Found – 08/01/08
Where –

They may have been here for a hundred years or so and chosen to be stationed, somewhat questionably, in Ipswich, but Zeeb? but it’s surprising how much a band can grow within a few years. Something about this ‘Gargantuan Rock Monster’ really stands out.
With a band like the alien Zeeb?, it’s hard to say they’ve “grown up”. This would be because they are a bit of a drawn out sci-fi puerile joke: a puerile joke of tomorrow, perhaps. Their dedication to being so seriously puerile is almost admirable. The rhyming of “sweaty gash” with “Johnny Cash” in ‘Da Hairy Bomb’ is endearing. Sort of.
Musically, they’re in line with the pop metal of Terrorvision and The Wildhearts: simple, groove-heavy riffs played with bundles of charm and a cheeky wink. The production has gotten better, too. The occasional effects on the guitar, odd high-pitched backing vocal and some eerie out-of-this-world sound come and go, all add much to the well rounded sound of the three players. It all feels more polished, bigger and better than last time.

Opening with the Motorhead-ish riff of ‘Chainsaw Lurve’ is a good move, too. It’s obviously from the get go that this is somehow a different, more focused beast that last time. It soon descends into its hooky heaviness with the aforementioned filthily catchy ‘Da Hairy Bomb’. ‘Drinkin’ Gasoline’, ‘Hollywood Dogs’ and ‘Angel Grinder’ soon follow, making you sit up and listen.

No longer are the lyrics based around the mythology of three aliens from out of space, either. They’ve branched out and now they’re based around the three aliens being OTT cock rockers who enjoy hairy women. The lyrics are quite blue in spaces …

There is a sense of quality from the album, but I have no idea where it comes from considering the lyrics. The band haven’t grown up, but they have evolved and everything seems more realised. Even the obligatory hip-hop track.

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